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Realtors and Attorneys

Environmental (oil tank) and septic issues can delay, or even cancel, a real estate transaction. STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC can assist you with all your environmental needs. "We Keep The Deal Together"

Oil Tanks

Under New Jersey law (N.J.A.C. 5:23-3.14 / Building Sub Code / Bulletins 88-3 and 91-4BFPC / 90 F-2806.11) all fuel tanks under 2,001 gallons that have been taken out of service must be safeguarded (or removed) within 90 days. Oil tank issues are a problem with both buyer and seller. Out-of-sight out-of-mind is not a good strategy when it comes to oil tanks and real estate transactions. Some homeowners have no idea that there is an oil tank on their property. Home inspectors may not find decommissioned tanks. The abandoned tank may show up later, and can cause closing issues and delays. If you suspect that a property might have had an oil tank on it, we recommend having an oil tank locate. If there is an oil tank or environmental issue STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC provides fast, professional service. If a tank issue arises, there are state reimbursement/grant programs that can help your clients with oil tank expenses. We provide a worry free project. All aspects of a real estate job are performed in a thorough, expeditious manner. We are a UHOT certified contractor. No Further Action Letters (NFA) are expedited through the UHOT Program.

Septic Systems

If you have a client who is listing a home with a septic system, we recommend getting a septic inspection immediately. Septic systems can fail for many reasons. If the house has a private septic system, it should definitely be inspected by a professional septic contractor. A standard home inspection does not include this. Some inspectors will provide a limited (visual only) inspection by running a few faucets for about 20 minutes or about 180 gallons. This will surge the system with an unusual amount of water. The inspector can then look for signs of leakage or odors. Some inspectors will even put a dye into the system to aid in spotting leakage. If leakage is present, then the system is in failure. If an odor is noted but no leakage, this is a sign that the tank may need to be pumped and further inspection is advised. We have found that a vast majority of failures only needed minor repairs (or pumping). Most inspection companies only do inspections, and do not have the expertise to perform a proper assessment of the system. The failed inspection may suggest a complete replacement when only a repair is needed. STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC has the field experience in repairs and full installations. We have state-of-the-art video recording and locating equipment. Your clients will see any issues on the supplied sewer video. Addressing a potential septic issue is better dealt with before a contract is in place. We are  National Onsite Foundation (NOF) certified inspectors and Terralift authorized contractor.

STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC offers special pricing for Realtors and attorneys. We welcome the opportunity to speak at your office meetings on the potential danger and expense of underground storage tanks in a real estate transaction. Septic systems and potential issues will be discussed. We realize the work involved in coordinating and closing a real estate deal and are committed to working with agents to make sure their clients are completely satisfied. Serving all of New Jersey.

Speaking Points Include:

  • Informing the Buyer / Seller
  • Soil Testing
  • Tank Investigation & Closure
  • Site Remediation
  • Insurance and State Grant Programs
  • Septic System Repairs,Installations,Inspections and Septic Field Restorations "Terralift"

                   " Statewide Environmental Services LLC Your Number One Choice For Environmental Services"

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