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550 gallon oil tank ready for removal

Oil Tank Removals & Oil Tank Closures

OilTank Closures & Oil TankAbandonment:

Oil Tank Abandonment
A building permit is obtained.A utility markout is called in. At the work site, a hole (approximately 3' x 3') is dug to expose the top of the oiltank tank. The underground Oil tank is cut and all fluids and sludge are removed. STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC uses only licensed and bonded haulers for oil waste removal. The oil tank and area around the oil tank are checked for signs of leakage. A STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC technician then enters the oil tank in order to clean and hand wipe the inside. If required or requested, two holes will be drilled in the center line of the Underground oil tank and two soil samples will be taken. The technician also removes the vent and fill pipes. The oil tank is not processed further until the site has been inspected and approved by the appropriate local building inspector and/or fire code official. The oil tank is then completely filled in place with a natural, inert material such as sand. The oil tank grave is filled with the existing & supplied fill dirt. STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC issues a oil tank Certificate of Abandonment

Oil Tank Removals:
As in the oil tank closure, a building permit must first be procured. a utility markout is called in.The area is excavated. All fluids and sludge are removed from the exposed oil tank.STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC uses only licensed and bonded oil haulers for waste removal. Access holes are cut in the oil tank, and the inside is cleaned and hand wiped. STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC technicians remove the oil tank from the ground and also remove the vent and fill pipes. The oiltank is inspected for perforations and eroded areas, and the soil which immediately surrounded the oil tank is examined for signs of leakage. After the local building inspector and/or fire code official has approved the open excavation site, the oil tank is taken for disposal at an appropriate recycling facility. The oil tank grave is filled with clean dirt from the excavation and other supplied inert material. The site is graded and, if appropriate, grass seed and hay are applied.


Aboveground oil tanks are done in the same manner as underground tanks, except for the excavation aspect of the project. STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC issues a Certificate of Removal upon completion.

Oil Tank Locates & Soil Testing:

OilTank Locates:
In some cases a client may not know the location of a decommissioned oil tank. For those we offer a oil tank location service. STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC will send a highly trained technician who, using special inductive and conductive locator's (sophisticated metal detectors) and probes, can identify  oil tanks buried underground or underneath driveways. This will pinpoint the outline of the oil tank's structure and identify the area where soil should be tested.

Soil Testing:
Soil samples will be taken by a technician at or around the present or former oil tank location (site specific). The samples will be submitted to a state licensed lab for analyzing. We offer a full line of testing services including soil, water, and vapors. We also have a full line of drilling services. A geo-probe drilling technique allows the continuous retrieval of soil samples from the surface to the total depth of the boring. Geo-probe points can be converted to temporary well points for water sampling. An air rotary drill rig is one of the largest mobile drill rigs and is used to advance boring's or groundwater wells into bedrock formations, or to drill deep wells.



Oil Tank Videos

Site Remediation, Investigation & Assessments

Contaminated Soil Removal
   Contaminated Soil Removal.JPG

Site Remediation can take many forms when there has been a discharge to soil and/or groundwater. STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC can assist you with a remedial action plan custom tailored to fit your needs.

Site Investigation
is a term used to describe the process by which a determination is made regarding the environmental condition of a site. This process is undertaken prior to any site remediation activity at a site. The process that is used can be by way of soil borings, groundwater monitor wells, or a combination of the two. This type of investigation is commonly done by a subsurface evaluator (usually a geologist or hydro geologist). Below are some of the current methods most commonly used in the environmental field to investigate a site.

Phase I Environmental Assessments are an investigative tool used by sellers and buyers of real estate, lending institutions, and investors to assist in making an informed decision regarding the environmental condition of a property. The term property is used here in a broad sense to include commercial and industrial parcels, agricultural parcels, and in some cases residential properties. The consulting staff at STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC would be happy to discuss the steps involved in a Phase I as it pertains to your particular site.

Child Care Center Environmental Assessments
Under the State's new child care center licensing requirements, a site assessment must be performed by an environmental firm. STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC can assist you with the required environmental investigation.

Oil Contaminated Soil
Oil Contaminated Soil.jpg

Tank Installlations

When it comes to oil tank installations, STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC has developed a superb reputation throughout the tri-state area. Homeowner's fuel oil tanks can be installed in the basement or exterior of your home, or underground if needed. We offer all sizes and configurations of fuel tanks. A technician will visit your site and discuss all of your fuel tank options. All installations are performed to the highest of industry standards. STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC is proud to be a certified Schutz double-wall oil tank installer, and we offer the best prices around.

Outside 275 Gallon Oil Tank Installation
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Abandoned Oil Tank Field
 Abandoned oil Tank Field.jpg

1000 Gallon Commercial Fuel Oil Tank
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Double-Wall Oil Tank 275 Gallon
Roth oil tank.JPG